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MR FOTHERGILLS HydroGarden Elite All-In-One Grow Kit Online

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MR FOTHERGILLS HydroGarden Elite All-In-One Grow Kit

MR FOTHERGILLS HydroGarden Elite All-In-One Grow Kit

The HydroGarden Elite is a smart indoor garden kit that provides ideal growing conditions and balanced ratio of water, light and nutrients for a fast and bountiful harvest.

The HydroGarden Elite has a sleek and modern design and comes with interchangeable chalkboard and woodgrain look panels to suit your home décor. 

The HydroGarden Elite kit comes with 3 packets of seeds to help you get started and features a full spectrum Grow Light that has been optimised with two interchangeable modes to aid plant germination and prolong flowering. The Grow Light has an inbuilt timer which allows the light to automatically cycle through 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness.

Simply plug in, add water, sow seeds and let HydroGarden Elite take care of the rest!

Couple with our HeatPad for a complete Winter growing solution.

Each HydroGarden Elite unit comes with:

  • 3 growing containers complete with cloche dome covers for germination
  • Growing medium (3x HydroSoil Pods)
  • An ultra-efficient 6W LED grow light (with mains power adapter)
  • Interchangeable woodgrain look and chalkboard panels to suit your decor
  • 3 starter packs of herb seeds (Basil, Parsley & Coriander)


What type of plants can I grow in the HydroGarden Elite?

The HydroGarden Elite is suitable for growing seeds of almost any compact size flower, vegetable or herb.


How will I know when to add water?

The HydroGarden Elite unit features a red marker on the bottom of the float chamber to indicate low water level. When this marker is visible, carefully pour water into the reservoir until the float is level with the recess top.


Where should I put the HydroGarden Elite?  

The HydroGarden Elite will be best located on a sturdy, water tolerant surface near a standard electrical outlet.


What does the Grow Light do?

The full spectrum grow light has been optimised to effectively replace the sun with light suitable for most environments.


What are the different types of light settings for the Grow Light?

The grow light is built with two interchangeable modes.

  • White light: suitable for plant germination, vegetative stages and making plants grow stronger.
  • Red light: used at the flowering stage to encourage plants to sprout buds, prolong flowering and increase the amount of leaves.


How do I set the timer?

To set the built-in timer, turn on the light by tapping the touch switch on the underside of the grow light. When switched on, the light automatically cycles through 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness on both light settings.


How high is the grow light with extensions?

The Grow Light is approximately 35cm high with both light extensions in place.


How do I know when it is time to remove the plants?

When the plant turns woody or stops producing fresh growth, it is time to pull it out and start again.

Simply remove the plant, root system and HydroSoil Pod from the growing pot and discard. Clean the unit and growing pots with warm water and a mild washing liquid and rinse thoroughly. Refill with new HydroSoil Pods, seeds and water.


Do I need to add fertiliser to the water?

When using Mr Fothergill’s HydroSoil Pods you do not need to add fertiliser into the unit as plain water will activate the nutrients that are already included in your pods. These nutrients are effective for 4-6 months of growing. If you wish to keep your plants growing past the recommended time frame, you may add some additional hydroponic fertiliser into the water once the contained nutrient is exhausted.


What is the HydroSoil Pod?

The HydroSoil Pod is a growth medium containing smart soil technology including slow release fertiliser to give plants controlled access to nutrients.


Where do I get new HydroSoil Pods from?

You can purchase HydroSoil Pod refill packs in Bunnings, independent gardening retailers and from Mr Fothergill’s online.


What is the ideal temperature for growing plants?

The ideal temperature for plants to grow is between 16° to 26°C.


How often should I change the water in the HydroGarden Elite?

For best results, change the reservoir water monthly. Rinse the unit and replace with clean water.


How do I clean the HydroGarden Elite?

To clean the HydroGarden Elite, remove the grow light, extension arms, growing pots and float. Use warm tap water and some mild washing liquid to clean the water tank.


How much power does the HydroGarden Elite use?
The HydroGarden Elite runs off a super-efficient 6 Watt LED Grow light. In timer mode, the light is on for 16 hours which equates to 0.096 kWh/day.  Based off an average NSW cost of electricity of 24.66c/kWh this equates to about 2.4 cents per day. Depending on your energy provider, costs will vary.


What is the difference between the HydroGarden and the HydroGarden Elite?

The HydroGarden Elite features 3 refillable HydroSoil Pods and includes cloche dome covers that enhance warmth to aid germination. It has a sleek and modern design and comes with interchangeable chalkboard and woodgrain look panels to suit your home décor. 

The main difference is instead of vermiculite, the HydroGarden Elie uses HydroSoil Pods which have been specifically designed for use with the HydroGarden Elite unit. The HydroSoil Pod a is mess-free solution that contains smart soil technology including slow-release fertiliser to give plants controlled access to nutrients.

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