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URBAN COMPOSTER™ ‘CITY’ Beginner’s Kit 7L – Lime Hot on Sale

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URBAN COMPOSTER™ ‘CITY’ Beginner’s Kit 7L – Lime


Urban Composters are now made in recycled
waste material. This is a great step to contribute
to the war on waste. The new buckets have a natural off white colour.

‘CITY’ 7 Litre size

  • Convenient benchtop size: 7 Litres
  • Great size for small households or apartments!
  • Accelerator spray included!

The Urban Composter™ City is a versatile kitchen compost bin can be used for composting all kitchen scraps including meat.  It uses an anaerobic decomposition process similar to Bokashi but without the messy sawdust.  The active ingredient are Effective Microbes which come from the Compost Accelerator Spray.

You can still be eco-friendly when you live in a crowded metropolis with the Urban Composter City. Simply place the ‘City’ on your benchtop, top up with food scraps, spray with the accelerator and in no time you will be able to fertilize your plants growing on your balcony or in your garden!

The Urban Composter™ City is completely air-tight which means no smells, no bugs and no mess on your kitchen bench!  It comes with a tap with your choice of 4 different lid colors.

  • No Odours.
  • No Flies.
  • No Worries.
  • Designed AND made in Australia
  • Heavy duty plastic material
  • Airtight seal – no vile odors escaping
  • Small footprint – doesn’t take up much space on your bench
  • Tap feature to drain liquid. This is used for rich plant food
  • Remaining compost is very rich – perfect nutrients for your plants
  • Suitable for food scrapsincluding but not limited to: greens, meat, fish, dairy, citrus, coffee grounds, wilted flowers, eggshells
  • Includes a spray gun of Compost Accelerator – a natural probiotic which eliminates odours and speeds up the composting process

Urban Composter™ is the quick and easy way to create compost from your kitchen waste. For years people have been searching for a simple and convenient kitchen compost bin… and it’s made right here in Australia!


What can I compost in the Urban Composter?
All types of food scraps can be added. These include greens, meat, fish, citrus, dairy, coffee grounds, wilted flowers, egg shells and more. We recommend cutting up scraps into smaller pieces to allow for quicker fermentation. Make sure proteins such as meat and fish are thoroughly sprayed with accelerator. (no bones or excessive liquids).

Is the Urban Composter suitable for apartment living?
Even if you do not have a garden you can use our Urban Composter to reduce your food waste and so benefit your home and the environment. If you have a balcony mix the contents of the Urban Composter in a large tub of soil. This will turn into compost which will nourish other pot-plants. If this is not possible, many councils have regular organic waste pick-up. As a last resort even if you put the contents in the garbage you have reduced the volume of your food waste by about 300%. As the food scraps have broken down in the Urban Composter there will be less negative impact of harmful gases going into the atmosphere. Plus you will have produced your own organic fertilizer which your plants will love.


How do I use the Urban Composter?
Cut up your food scraps and add them to the Urban Composter Bucket. Add a few sprays of Compost Accelerator onto the scraps every time they are added. Drain the juice from the bucket every few days. The juice can be diluted (1:100) with water and used as a fertiliser for the garden. It can also be drained into the sink as an organic drain cleaner. 

What if my Urban Composter develops a strong offensive odour?
It is very important to drain the juice from your composter every few days to avoid any stronger smells. As you open the lid you would expect a fermentation smell. When you open the lid to add more food scraps and when you daily drain the liquid, there will likely be a fermenting odour. If an offensive smell occurs, you can use a mix of vinegar and water directly onto the food scraps or any organic cleaner to reduce this odour.

How should I clean my Urban Composter bucket?
It is important that you don’t use chemicals as this will kill the microbes in the accelerator spray. Any organic cleaner can be used to clean your City or Urban Composter bucket, or you can also use water mixed with vinegar or lemon juice.

What happens when my bucket is full?
Ideally leave the scraps in your Urban Composter or City Composter for one week after filling, to ensure all food scraps are properly fermented. Next ensure all the juice is drained, then bury the remaining pulp under soil, or place it in a compost bin or pile. The food scraps from your Urban Composter will continue to break down and will become compost in about 6-8 weeks. This compost can be used in garden beds or as a fertiliser.

Should maggots or flies appear in the Urban Composter bucket?
If the Urban Composter lid has been left open it is possible for flies to come in and lay eggs. This is more common in warmer climates and during summer months. Very quickly the fly eggs will turn into maggots. If this happens to you, empty the Urban Composter and bury the contents. Rinse the bucket will with water and clean it using an organic cleaner or a mix of water and vinegar, cleaning around the lid seal very well.


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